Test question features and changing settings (Random, All, Shuffle, Off)

Every test question must be associated with a Learning Object (LO). For each LO, multiple test questions may be created in a question bank. The mode of test question delivery can be controlled at the LO level in the Properties panel. See Display and change Learning Object settings for more information.

The available modes are as follows:

Random # of Questions

When you select Random # of Questions, you can choose a specific number of questions from the available test questions for the learning object. Reviewers and authors previewing a course see all test questions even in Learning Objects set to random questions mode. This enables reviewers and authors to verify that all questions are correct.

All Questions

All Questions adds all of the test questions for the learning object to the module test. All Questions mode is the default. The questions are presented in the order you created. You can check Shuffle Order if you want the order of the questions shuffled.

Questions Off

You can select Questions Off to turn questions off for one particular Learning Object.

You can also decide whether to include an entire test (pre-test and/or post-test) when you publish a course.

Pre-test and Post-test

Both pre-testing and post-testing are available in Claro. A pre-test’s objective is to ascertain a learner’s level of knowledge prior to taking a course. A post-test is delivered after a student has completed a course in order to evaluate the level of learning that has taken place. Both the Pre-test and/or Post-test can be enabled or disabled in the course publishing options.

In Claro the tests adhere to the module structure and both the pre-tests and the post-tests draw from the same bank of test questions.

You can set options for the pre-test and post-test when you publish the course package.

Test Settings and Preview

Some functionality is different between the Preview and Review version of a course and the published or exported version. See Publish Options Details for more information.

This includes the following:

  • Test question feedback (displaying the correct answer) appears on every question for QA purposes during Preview. You can turn this off when you Publish your course.
  • When you preview your course as an author or administrator, you can see the Randomization presented. However, when the course is set in Review mode, all questions appear. This enables you to verify that all questions are correct. Make sure you mention this to your Reviewers so they understand that they may see a number of similar-looking test questions. Once your course is published, your randomization settings are applied to question delivery during the test.

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