Insert or add a pre-built button to a page (and edit it)

A wide variety of pre-built buttons with an assortment of colors is available in Claro. Simply pick a button from the color palette and then add a label and an action or link event to it.

You can re-size the button on the page to accomodate a long label. You can also edit a button later in order to change the label or other properties.

To insert a pre-built button:

  1. Click the Insert tab.
  2. Click Button in the Widget section.
  3. Select a button color from the Button Interaction palette.
  4. Click your page to place the button into position.
  5. The Button Properties right-panel opens.
  6. Give your button a Title (this makes it easier to identify in the Layers or Actions panel).
  7. Add Alt Text, if desired.
  8. Enter the Label text for your button. Click the arrow in the top right corner to format your label text.
  9. You can also use Advanced Styles to enter Custom CSS Properties if you'd like. See Advanced CSS Styles for more information.
  10. Click the Actions button at the bottom of the properties panel to choose an event for the button right away. Or, click Update and then add an action or link event later.

To re-size a button to fit a long text label:

  1. Select the button on your page.
  2. Drag the side handle to the right to fit the long text label onto the button. The text remains centred on the button.
  3. You can also drag a corner handle or the bottom side handle to make a taller button.

To edit a pre-built button:

  1. Select the button on your page.
  2. Press the Enter key on your keyboard OR double-click OR click the Edit button on the Home tab ribbon. The Button Properties right-panel opens.
  3. Make the changes you required and then click Update.

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