How do I add or invite a new user (author or reviewer) to Claro?

You can easily add a new author or reviewer to Claro if you have permissions to do so. See
User roles and access options for more information.

Add a new user by inviting them to the system. The user then signs in to open their account with a password.

To Invite Users to Claro:

  1. Click your user name in the upper-right corner to open the User Account drop-down.
  2. Click Invite Users. (Note: You can also Invite Users to your current course by selecting Application Menu> Current Course> Assign Authors or Assign Reviewers> Invite Users.)
  3. Select the role for the users you are inviting.
  4. Type the email addresses for the intended users and click the Add button. NOTE: The email address is case-insensitive. Only one entry of a specific email address can be invited to join Claro, regardless of how it’s typed.
  5. Click Invite All.
  6. Change or add your own wording to the subject and body of the Invitation Email message. We suggest you leave the text and link to the Reviewer or Author guide in the email. You can also format the text. A link to your Claro site or specific course is automatically added to the Invitation Email message when it is sent.
  7. Send a copy of the invitation to yourself as well.
  8. Click Send when you’re done.
  9. Close the Invite Users box when you’re done .
  10. After you invite users, assign them to the courses you want them to author or review. See Assign a user to a course or courses for more information.

The Invitation Email:

If you do not edit anything in the Invitation Email message, the email the invited user receives looks like this (with variable text for the link and your own Claro account information and email added as a signature):

Subject: You have been invited to join Claro.
(For reviewers:)
You have been assigned to the course, “COURSE NAME”.
Please access the review site at: HTTP://claro.etc
Once you have logged in, browse and locate "COURSE NAME* and begin your review.
For more information please see A guide to Reviewing Courses in Claro guide.
(For authors/administrators:)
For information on getting started in Claro, please access our Getting Started with Authoring in Claro guide.
Click the link below, or copy/paste it into your browser to start working together.
Your Name

The email comes from the address so ensure your users add that address to their safe senders list or check their spam filters.

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