Claro course and player Browser and System Requirements for End Users, Reviewers, or Learners

Note: Some system and browser requirements may depend on the LMS or other delivery site you use. Please contact your own training or IT department for specific requirements.

Claro courses and the course player can run on any computer using any major browser. The latest versions are recommended for the best experience and HTML5 support, for example, at least:

  • IE 6+ (10+ recommended)
  • Firefox 10+ (Newest recommended)
  • Google Chrome (Newest recommended)
  • Safari on OSX 5.1+ (6+ recommended)
Note: Only limited support is available for IE6/7. Only issues that prevent learners from completing a course will be addressed; issues that are purely aesthetic are not supported.

Note: Safari is not supported on Windows Operating Systems

Plugins such as Flash are only required if you specifically add content that requires Flash (e.g., a Flash file you created). Flash on a desktop is also used for audio/video playback for browsers that don't support HTML5 or the video encoding used by your media.

Browser Considerations:

  • A high-speed internet connection ensures the best user experience, especially if the course contains video streaming or large files.
  • Browser cookies should be enabled.
  • If you content has pop-ups windows then any Pop-up blockers must be configured accordingly.
  • Claro desktop courses are designed to function with an SVGA monitor display settings at a minimum of 1024 × 768 pixels.
  • JavaScript MUST be turned on for browsers. (Note: It is rare that it is turned off.)

Mobile Devices

See this article for supported browsers, operating systems and devices:

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