How do I import a translated text file?

You can import text from an Excel or XML file that was created by Claro for translation. 

Note: See How do I export text for translation? for more information.

To import a course translation file:

  1. Click the Application menu.
  2. Click Import.
  3. Click Import Translated File in the Translation section.
  4. The Import Translation window opens.
  5. Click Select File and browse to the updated translation file. Click Open to link to the file.
  6. Click Import.
  7. The text is imported into the duplicated course and then the course is opened for editing.
Note: If the course you've copied contains a Course Style, the Style will not appear in the new copy. This is to prevent the selected Style from interfering with translations to languages that may require characters that aren't available in the selected Style. If you wish to apply the Style to your newly copied course, simply open the new course and use the Style Manager to manually copy the selected Style into the new course. The Style will then automatically apply to the appropriate locations within the course.

Note: Export Translation File and Import Translated File
 are available only for Workgroup and Enterprise customers.

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