Video Tutorials on YouTube

We have a number of video tutorials posted on our dominKnow YouTube channel

NOTE: right-click this link to open the YouTube channel in a new tab or window.

The following are links to video tutorials currently posted on YouTube (listed by most recently uploaded first):

Actions in Claro:

Media Events and Interactions in Claro:

Actions Panel in Claro:

Claro Theme Designs QuickView:

Authoring Mobile Content in Claro:

Claro Templates:

Embed a YouTube video in Claro QuickView:

Claro Media Browser and Library QuickView:


Test Questions in Claro QuickView:

Adding Narration in Claro QuickView:

Support Forum and Help in Claro:

Reviewing a course in Claro:

Team collaboration in Claro:

Focus Attention Using the Claro Image Editor:

Claro QuickView:

Claro Image Editor QuickView:

PowerPoint Import:

Claro Page Layouts QuickView:

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