Claro course samples

We have created a few sample courses in Claro that may help you get started. Think about how you can use some of these techniques in your own courses.

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Software Simulation Sample

This course demonstrates how to create a simple software simulation using Claro. You can also learn about using shapes in Claro while you take the course! The course is designed for desktop delivery as it includes features such as rollover effects and double-clicks that do not work on tablet devices.

Link to Page is also used to return to the Home menu first page from any other page.

The Variety Pack

This course offers a variety of things you can do in Claro. The course is designed as a sampler pack rather than a cohesive whole.

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Be sure to check out the "How did we do this?" button on every page for some tips.

Art Appreciation by Design

This course demonstrates some things you can do with Claro while making engaging and interactive eLearning. The course also covers basic design principles and a little art appreciation!

It takes advantage of features in Claro such as the People Browser, page linking for branching, Speech Bubbles, clipart, and shapes. In Claro, the two courses share the same Learning Objects… so when one is updated, the other is too!

ClaroTeas: Pleasing your customer

This retail mobile sample course is for sales associates working the floor at the (fictional) ClaroTeas tea shop, “Our goal is to develop associates’ knowledge of our products, increase sales, and improve our customer return rate and feedback. Topics may be taken in short segments when the associate is not busy or may be consulted when serving a customer.”

Claro’s Test Question Sampler

This course contains a sampler of test questions and ideas for creative ways to use testing in Claro.

Code Of Conduct Template Sampler

This course was created using a few of the template pages in Claro.

Claro Tutorials

This course contains a number of YouTube embedded video tutorials about using Claro.

Awesome Amphibians: An introduction to amphibian surveys for Marsh Monitoring

This course was created using Claro and the “Aura” theme design and page layouts.

Mobile Amphibians: A field guide reference for amphibian surveys during marsh monitoring

This smartphone mobile course was created using Claro and the “Aura” theme design and page layouts.

How Can Claro Help You?

This is a sample smart phone course created in Claro, the web-based collaborative elearning and mlearning authoring platform from dominKnow Learning Systems.

Tablet Example Pages

This course contains some example pages for tablet delivery created in Claro.

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