How do I add or edit the test pass mark for a module and/or course?

Claro offers you the ability to set an overall passing score for a course, and if you have a multi-module course, you may also set individual passing scores for each module. Every time a test is completed, the average of all test questions is sent back as a score to the LMS as the LMS can only record one score. However, only after a user passes all modules and the overall passing score, will the course be marked as complete. 

For example: 

You have a course Titled: How to Care for Your Cat with an overall passing score of 80%. Your course contains three modules:

  1. A Brief History of Domestic Cats
  2. Proper Diet and Hygiene
  3. Happy Cats Make Happy Homes 

The first module may offer some interesting background for your learners, but the information isn't really critical to caring for your cat. The last module offers some helpful tidbits for keeping kitty happy, but again nothing that is vital to her survival. Proper Diet and Hygiene is clearly the most valuable module in your course—with this in mind you set the individual passing score for the module to 100%. 

This means not only must your learners achieve an overall score of 80%, but they must also earn a perfect score on module two in order to have the course marked as complete.

To add or edit a course pass mark:

From the Course Properties panel:
  1. Double-click the course name in the Course panel to open the Properties right panel. 
  2. Change the pass mark and select Update.

From the Browse Courses window:

  1. Select a course. 
  2. Select Action and then Edit.
  3. Change the pass mark and select Update.

To add or edit a module pass mark:

  1. From the Course panel, double-click the module name to open the Properties right panel. 
  2. Deselect Use Course Passing Mark if you want to make the module passing score percentage different from the overall passing score percentage.
  3. Enter or change the pass mark and select Update.
  4. When publishing your course, ensure Require Pass Mark For Modules is selected in the Test Options of the Publishing Profile. If this option is not selected, learners will still be able to see whether they passed or failed the individual module test, but the passing grade for each individual module will not be a requirement to achieve an overall pass of the course.

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