I passed the test, so why is my completion status for the course still marked as Incomplete?

By default, to obtain a completion status a learner must complete the test and complete all the content. Each page is marked complete when it is accessed. If a learner skips a page, that page will not be marked complete. Therefore, if a learner is permitted to jump around a course via the menu, they may have skipped pages, resulting in a status of Incomplete. 

Here are some tips for managing the completion status of your course:

  1. Turn on the Force Sequential for publishing—this prevents learners from jumping ahead in a course.

    Publishing Profile Editor > Navigation > Force Sequential.

  2. Add a Take Test button to the last page of your course (or any page) and turn off the Next button.  The Take Test button, if clicked, automatically negates the need to access all pages.

    Insert > Button > Actions (from Button Properties) > Player Controls > Next > Take Module Test (from Functions pulldown) > Apply.

  3. Add a Page Link on a page of your choice that links to the last page of your course, and Disable Next on that page. Clicking the link allows the learner to jump over content, marking any content prior to the last page as Complete.

    Select the element you wish to link > Interactions tab > Links > Link to Page > select target page > Save Link. 

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