How do Actions differ for Practice Questions and Test Questions?

In Claro, there are two categories for Questions: Practice Questions and Test Questions.

Practice Questions can be used at key points throughout your course to help your learners gauge their understanding of newly learned content. Since these questions are for practice purposes only, they are not graded and may be set to accept multiple attempts.

Test Questions are presented at the end of a course module and are intended to measure the learner's understanding of the learning material. Unlike Practice Questions, Test Questions must be attached to the Learning Objects containing the related content pages—they cannot be placed in an empty Learning Object. Also, since Test Questions are scored, only one question attempt is permitted per test. Test Question details are sent via SCORM/AICC/xAPI(Tin Can) to the LMS/LRS.

Due to these differences, there are some aspect of Actions that can be performed in Practice Questions, but not in Test Questions. The table below details whether or not a given Function or Trigger is available for Practice and Test Questions. 

Is This Available?
After time elapsed...YES YES
When the final attempted is submittedYES YES
When any attempt is correct YES YES
When the final attempt is partially correct YES YES
When the final attempt is incorrect YES YES
When an attempt is submitted YES NO
When an attempt is partially correct YES NO
When an attempt is incorrect YES NO
Navigation Go to the next pageYES NO
Go to the previous page YES NO
Exit the course YES YES
Show the menuYES NO
Hide the menuYES NO
Toggle the menuYES NO
Resets the current pageYES YES
Buttons Enable the Mute buttonYES YES
Disable the Mute buttonYES YES
Enable the Next buttonYES NO
Disable the Next buttonYES NO
Enable the Back buttonYES NO
Disable the Back buttonYES NO
Enable both Next and Back buttonsYES NO
Disable both Next and Back buttonsYES NO
Enable the Menu buttonYES YES
Disable the Menu buttonYES NO
Question Show the correct answersYES YES
Submit the current questionYES YES
Take Module TestYES NO
Start another question attemptYES NO
Content Show the glossary browserYES YES
Hide the glossary browserYES  YES
Show the bibliographyYES  YES
Hide the bibliographyYES  YES
Show the resource browserYES YES
Hide the resource browserYES YES
Show page transcriptYES YES
Hide page transcriptYES YES
Show the course search windowYES YES
Hide the course search windowYES YES
Print the current page
Jump to an elementYES YES

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