People Browser or How do I insert a character or person image?

Claro includes an extensive library of people characters. The People Browser provides many different photos of people in a variety of poses, clothing, and image sizes.

To insert a character:

  1. Click the Insert tab.
  2. Click the People Browser button in the Stock Assets section.
  3. In the People Browser that opens, search for a suitable character. The window is re-sizable if you need to see more at any time.
    1. You can filter the characters by Categories using the drop-down list on the right side. Criteria like age, gender, clothing, etc. help you pick characters to fill roles in your course. You can check one or a number of categories to display and search.
    2. Click Current Filter to see the filters you’ve already applied.
  4. You can also click the Reset button to clear a filter list, click the People used in this course button to see people used in your course, or click All People to see all character choices in the browser.
  5. When you select a character, you then have the option of selecting a clothing style (business, casual, or medical). Click a style.
  6. The center box that displays the clothing style selection displays the number of photos found and the number of pages of photos available. This information is updated as filters are applied.
  7. You can filter the character images further at this point. Criteria like pose, gesture, mood, etc. help you pick a version of that character to best emphasize the content on a particular page.
  8. Select an image from the updated list.
  9. Choose a size in the lower left corner (Roll your cursor over the characters to see the sizes in pixels by width and height). You can Preview the image to see a full version of it.
  10. Click Insert to add the image to your page.
  11. Click the Close button or X to close the Browser window.

When you re-open the browser, the last filters you used are still applied (so the last character or characters you used are displayed).

Selecting People used in this course makes it easy for people working together on a course to find and select the same people for continuity (or different people for variety!).

Dimensions of people images:

The images are in pixels by height and the width is determined by each image:

  • Extra Large: 573px (h)
  • Large: 473px (h)
  • Med: 373px (h)
  • Small: 273px (h)
  • Extra Small: 173px (h)

All stock asset browsers (People, Bubbles, Symbols, Clipart) retain the last selections you made. These preferences include the location of the browser on the stage, its size and state (minimized/maximized), the category/filter last used, the last used size, and the last search term. The first time a browser is opened it is empty and you can start by picking a category and option.

NOTE:  You can minimize the Browser by clicking the arrow on the top-right corner. You can also drag the minimized Browser up onto the “blank” area on the ribbon. It remains there while you work, even when you switch tabs. When you need to use it again, click the arrow again to maximize and drag the Browser back into a convenient location.

REMEMBER: You can use the Image Editor to flip a character horizontally in order to position it effectively on your page. Select the people image, click the Image Tools tab, and click Modify Image.

See the People Browser video tutorial for more information:

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