How do I edit a test or practice question?

The process for editing questions is the same for both Test and Practice.

To edit question Opening and Body text:

You can edit question opening and body text right on the stage by double-clicking the element. Once it is open for editing you can make your changes and then click out of the element to save them. There are lots of text-related tools available on the Home tab ribbon to help you format your text to your liking.

To re-size and/or move question fields:

You can re-size all question elements with exception for the Submit button placeholder. Simply click the element, ensure that it is unlocked on the Layers panel, and drag the handles to re-size it. If the element is locked, select it and click the lock icon next to it on the Layers panel.

Once an element is unlocked, you can drag it to your desired location on the stage.

Text elements will not move or re-size if open for editing (indicated by a yellow outline around the element). If the element is open, simply click outside of it on the stage to close it. You may now move or re-size the element, provided it isn't locked.

To edit question properties (choices, feedback, correct answers, weighting, etc.):

To edit other question elements, double-click the question on the left Course panel to open the Edit Question Properties panel. Make your changes and click the Save when you’re done.

You can also access these and other options by selecting the red Question tab on the authoring tool ribbon. The tab is only available when a question is selected.

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