How do I add a link or hyperlink to a URL website, email or ftp site?

NOTE: This article contains changes as per the February 2013 release.

You can add a link to a website, ftp site, mail account, or custom location.

To add a hyperlink to a website, email account, or FTP site:

  1. Insert a button (see Insert a button for more information) or select the element you want to make the link on.
  2. Click the Links button on the Interaction tab. NOTE: You can also add a Link to URL to a Hotspot or to an Image Map.
  3. Select Link to URL.
  4. Select the Protocol from the drop-down list (http://, https://, ftp://, mailto:, or Custom).
  5. Select the Target from the drop-down list. New Window opens the URL in a new window or tab (depending on the user's settings) and Modal opens within the Claro course player window. This may be preferable in most situations since it doesn't take the user away from the course. NOTE: There are some sites (such as Google) that prevent modal embedding. An empty grey box appears with a loading progress indicator but the site does not appear. Make sure to test your link.
  6. Enter the URL or email address or custom information in the URL address field.
  7. Verify the information by clicking the Preview button. NOTE: Claro cannot confirm Custom locations so please ensure the location is accessible to all your users.
  8. Click Update.

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