How do I create an image with interactive hotspots?

You can add interactivity to an image through the use of image Hotspots. For example, you may have a map you want learners to explore, or a product diagram, or a software screenshot. This tool allows you to use more complex hotspot shapes, including circles and polygons, that are not available with the hotspot Widget found on the Insert tab. It also binds the hotspots to the image, so if the image moves, hotspots remain grouped in place..

To add interactivity to an image on your page:

  1. Select the image on which you want to add interactive hotspots.
  2. Select the Hotspots button on the Interaction or Image Tools tab.
  3. Use the Circle, Rectangle, or Polygon tool to select the part of the image to add the action on.
    Note: You can re-size the selection area later, if required.
  4. Once you’ve finished your shape, click a button to add a URL or Mouse Event. Enter information for the title and Alt text as you make your links. This will make it easier to identify and arrange them.
  5. For the Mouse Event, choose a Show and Hide trigger and effect. In the Elements list, select the target elements. Use Ctrl-click (or Command-click on the Mac) to select multiple elements. Select hide options below and click OK.
  6. You can edit and arrange your links on your image map using the tools on the left side of the window.
  7. Click the OK button when you’re done or click Cancel at anytime.

Note: To use the Hotspot Polygon tool, click a spot on your image to “start” the polygon shape. A small circle appears. Click the next spot on your image. A line appears connecting the circle to your current position. Continue clicking around the image area until you have almost completed enclosing the shape. Finally, click the circle again to close the shape.

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