What data does the course player search against during a course search?

When a learner performs a course search for a specific term or keyword, the system will search the following:
  • Learning Object:
  • Title
  • Keywords 
  • Description
  • Page Transcripts

  • Text Elements:
  • All text within the element
  • Any References cited within the element
  • Any Label attached to a citation
  • Glossary Terms, Definitions, and Source
  • Media Assets:
  • Title
  • Alt Text
  • Description
  • Tags
  • File Extension
Note: In order to maintain the integrity of knowledge reinforcement/evaluation Course Search will not search against content from Test or Practice Question pages.

Note: If Enable Course Search Sequential Filter is selected from the content options of the Publishing Profile, your learner will NOT receive results for content they have yet to view. 

Note: This action is not supported for Internet Explorer 8 and earlier.

Note: Currently only supported for English language courses.

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