Adding Custom Test Questions

The custom test question option allows your programming team to create custom HTML or Flash based test questions and add them to any Claro course. These questions can be mixed in with standard, non-custom questions and are treated by Claro courses in the same way standard questions are treated.

To add a custom test question:

  1. Create the custom test question in HTML or Flash and zip the package.
  2. Select Home > Question > Custom Question.
  3. In the right flyout, add/change the page title, description and tags.
  4. If you wish, change the question weight from the default setting of 10.
  5. Click Save.
  6. For HTML questions:
    a. Select Insert > HTML Widget.
    b. If you have not already uploaded the custom question:
         i. Click on Upload HTML Widget and locate the zip package of the question on your computer.
         ii. After uploading the widget, specify the name, description, tags, the html page used to launch the widget, as well as width and height.
             Note: Height and Width can be changed after inserting the widget.
    c. Locate the desired custom question. Select it and click Insert.
  7. For Flash questions:
    a. Click on Insert > Flash.
    b. Select the Flash question or upload and then select the Flash question.
    Note: You can use HTML and Flash if desired. In that case, upload the package as zipped HTML widget.
  8. Position the custom test question on the page as desired.
  9. Test and confirm the custom test question is working as desired.

Notes on Developing Custom Test Questions
This information is not meant to be a programming guide. It is assumed that in using this feature you are familiar with Javascript, HTML and/or Flash Action Script.
  • For examples of Flash and HTML custom questions, please download our samples. Comments are found within these documents.
  • There are 3 main API calls you need to be aware of:
  • Set and Get Data: This API call allows you to set variables of information, such as scores, so that when users review the question at a later time you can recall their values and perform actions, such as hiding the Submit button or turning it into a Next button.
  • inReview: This call enables you to determine if the user is reviewing the test questions thus enabling you to display, or not display, results and feedback. If you don't allow users to review their tests, this call will not be needed.
  • submitQuestion: This call enables you to set a percentage (0-100) score for the question and trigger the user to advance to the next question/end of the test.
  • The score you submit is a percentage. The percentage will be used to determine how many of the points the user receives based on the Weight you set in the right flyout when adding the custom question. These points are added to all the points, and potential points, for all questions in the course to obtain the final percentage score sent to the LMS.
  • No SCORM programming is required for custom test questions. Due to the custom nature of these types of questions, individual item interaction data for these questions is not sent to the LMS.
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