What are the dynamic text options for use in email templates?

Administrators have the option to copy system notification email templates and other copied templates which they may edit to suit their needs. The subject and body text of these templates may contain dynamic text. Dynamic text should appear encased in double braces, like this {{Course Name}}.

For example, an email notification sent to a user informing the user that he or she has been assigned a course would require that the course name be dynamic so it may change depending on which course the user has been assigned.

The complete list of dynamic text available for use in email templates:

Dynamic Text
{{Account ID}}The identification number for an account.
{{Account Name}}The name for an account.
{{Assigner Name}}The full first and last name of the user that is assigning other users to a course.
{{Author List}}A list of authors assigned to a course.
{{Comment}}The content of a user's comment.
{{Container ID}}The identification number for a container.
{{Course Name}}The name of the course associated with the notification.
{{Custom Message}}A custom message added by the user.
{{Custom Message Subject}}The subject of a custom message added by the user.
{{End Date}}The date that the course review ends.
{{License Type}}The type of license associated with an account.
{{Number Of Administrators}}The number of administrator users for an account.
{{Number Of Authors}}The number of author users for an account.
{{Number Of Reviewers}}The number of reviewer users for an account.
{{Number Of Seats}}The total number of seats for an account.
{{Page Title}}The title for a given page.
{{Recommended Emails}}The email addresses for which recommendations have been sent.
{{Resolution Note}}A note left when resolving a review comment.
{{Review Summary}}A summary of submitted items for a review.
{{Reviewer Guide Link}}The URL that the reviewer can use to download the reviewer guide.
{{Reviewer List}}A list of reviewers assigned to a course.
{{Reviewer Name}}The first and last name of a reviewer.
{{Start Date}}The date that the course review starts.
{{Site URL}}The URL that the reviewer will use to login.
{{Support Plan}}The support plan level.
{{User Email}}The email address of a user.
{{User Name}}The full first and last name of a user.
{{User Role}}The role of the user.

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