Maintenance Release Notes

After a release, remember to clear your browser cache to ensure all aspects of Claro are properly updated.

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Maintenance for Autumn 2015 Release

BreakFix 3

Test questions no longer visible in the course menu.

Media Library no longer gives an error for uploads larger than 10 MB. You can once again upload files to a maximum of 100 MB.

Setting Image Label font size to an em measure will no longer prevent a course from publishing as a document.

The Exit Behavior section of the Publishing Profile Editor once again displays the default settings.

The My Courses filter notification has been updated to remove mention of assigned courses.

Reviewers are once again receiving appropriate email text when assigned to a course.

Draw lines no longer get cut off when resized quickly.

BreakFix 2

: Image labels no longer vertically cropping the bottom of some labels in courses published as a document.

55682: Pages with Image Labels that have background color set to None no longer cause an error when attempting to perform a page or course preview.

55574: Corrected an issue affecting courses using certain custom themes which was preventing the load of full course preview and published courses.

55741: The Claro Draw tool has been reinstated, and the Arrow and Double Arrow from Shapes have been moved to the Draw tool.

55715: Outlines and the Arrow Lines have been removed from Shapes. These items can be found in the Draw tool.

55177: Deactivate Reviewers no longer being sent notifications for assigned courses.

55244: Emoji labels no longer overlap the images in the Library.

55777: Shape colors will now update as needed when course theme is changed.

BreakFix 1

: When Claro must open in a new window due to small screen size, it will now do so in full screen.

55347: Actions using "When Variable is..." as a trigger are once again firing as expected for boolean variables.

55059: Custom Module Scores are now being respected when "Require Pass Mark For Modules" option is selected in the Publishing Profile settings.

53422: Modules and Learning Objects with long titles now truncate for courses with bottom bar navigation so to prevent navigation from disabling.

53177: Null strings in element properties no longer cause an error that prevents the page from opening.

39136: It is once again possible to Replace an image in the Media Library using the FireFox browser.

55304: Improved display of text pop-up for citations and glossary terms on image labels of images that have been rotated.

55191: Reviewer comments can now be edited more than once.

55541: Variables that use a string as the condition no longer deliver an error.

55511: Changes to the font of a text element are now being properly displayed on the authoring stage.

55252: Settings can now be edited for dashed-outline rectangle Shape.

55371: Exit button once again functioning for courses published to SCORM.

55344: Clicking Get Support and Contact in Claro no longer gives an error.

50795: Navigation buttons are now properly displayed for right-to-left languages using themes created from the Theme Designer.

53706: Text justification for left-to-right languages has been corrected to Right justification.

55463: The variable used to get a student's ID is now retrieving the correct values.

Maintenance for Summer 2015

BreakFix 3

: Video and Audio elements are now functioning in Lightbox.

53208: Hiding pages from the course menu no longer allows learners to skip pages.

51014: Practice question page titles are once again translating as intended when a new translation is imported.

52269: Find and Replace Search no longer experiences a time out error for larger courses.

51733: Upload, Import Zip, and Check Email buttons are all enabled in the Course Assets of the Media Library unless the selected course is Locked.

52385: Larger course can now be duplicated without fail.

53424: Content Aware Preview console is now updated when a Group of elements from the Layers panel is deleted.

52700: Full course preview from current page shortcut (Control + 1) and full course preview from first page shortcut (Control + Shift + 1) once again functional.

52383: Scrolling up or down on longer pages using a device no longer triggers Next and Previous page actions.

52042: Swiping in from the outer edge (left or right) of a device is no longer triggering page or course refresh.

52541: You can once again move from text element to text element making edits without error when using FireFox.

53636: Courses locked via Life Cycle will no longer allow Learning Objects to be checked out.

51938: You can once again include an answer key in a course published as a document.

Note: This article will track all maintenance updates beginning with Summer 2015 BreakFix 3. Previous updates have already been communicated. 

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