What bookmarking functionality does Claro have? Does a course resume at the last completed location?

Claro supports automatic bookmarking of the last location the learner completes in a SCORM-published course. When the learner re-launches the course, the publish settings specify whether they resume where they left off, are prompted to resume or re-start, or are forced to re-start at the beginning.

Resume occurs after the last completed Learning Object. If an LO has a number of pages and the student completed only some of them, they resume at the beginning of that LO.

Auto Resume (Bookmark) Navigation Setting

  • "On" is the default, which means that students resume where they left off.
  • If "Prompt" is checked, students can choose to resume where they left off or start back at the beginning of the course.
  • If "Off" is checked, students will have to start at the beginning each time they enter the course.

When you publish a course to LMS/SCORM, you can set these auto-resume navigation specifications. See Publishing Options for more information.

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  22. What bookmarking functionality does Claro have? Does a course resume at the last completed location?
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