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  1. A sample course development process

  2. A Tour of the Main Parts of Claro guide (SplashBoard and Authoring Environment with labelled areas)

  3. Add an Entrance Effect to elements on a page

  4. Add an HTML package using the widget as a page to your course

  5. Adding a Link to URL using a modal target does not work for some sites (produces empty box)

  6. Adding Custom Test Questions

  7. Alignment guides and Align tools for enhanced layout capability

  8. Are the source files stored on your server or can we have access to them?

  9. Audio and video playback performance in published courses on mobile devices and browsers

  10. Audio Narration Recording Best Practices

  11. Best Practices for accessibility (Section 508)

  12. Best Practices for Video Production

  13. Best Practices when designing courses for international audiences

  14. Browser Full Screen Mode for 1024x768

  15. Can a course theme design be changed once I've started my course?

  16. Can I copy and paste text from Word into Claro? Why do I get asked if I want to clean text before pasting?

  17. Can I create a course for standard desktop online and mobile delivery?

  18. Can I download or export assets or files from the Media Library?

  19. Can I have Claro support requests sent to an alternate email address?

  20. Can I import a Keynote (KEY) file into Claro? How do I convert a KEY file into a PPT file?

  21. Can I import a PPTX (PowerPoint 2010) file into Claro? How do I convert a PPTX file into a PPT file?

  22. Can learners search a course for specific content?

  23. Can tutorials I've done in Flash be imported into Claro? If Flash is imported, is the interactivity retained when I publish to mobile?

  24. Can we create custom course themes? How can I change the default font, colors, and navigation buttons?

  25. Changing your Knowledge Base/Feedback Support notification settings.

  26. Claro Browser and System Requirements for Authors and Administrators

  27. Claro course and player Browser and System Requirements for End Users, Reviewers, or Learners

  28. Claro course samples

  29. Claro Flash Requirements for Authors and Administrators

  30. Claro Java Requirements for Authors and Administrators

  31. Claro Release Cycles

  32. Claro Release Notes

  33. Color names supported by HTML and hexadecimal (hex) values and used by Color Picker

  34. Content API and HTML Widgets

  35. Copy page from a smartphone to a standard course or from a standard course to a smartphone course

  36. Copying and pasting text from other programs or websites

  37. Course content and test or assessment data from Claro tracked in SCORM versions (completion and success status)

  38. Course re-published to SCORM Cloud using IE9 is cached and displays old course

  39. Course theme designs

  40. Description of system templates available in Claro

  41. Designing mobile courses with audio narration set to autoplay

  42. Display Completion Certificate upon finishing course and test

  43. Do we have to use your server for Claro or can we use our own?

  44. dominKnow Offline Mobile App: System Requirements

  45. Drag and Drop Questions

  46. Failure Scores and Test Attempts: Tracking in SCORM 1.2 and 2004

  47. Fill in the Blanks Questions

  48. Fonts on a Mobile Device

  49. General Best Practices for designing eLearning courses

  50. General Best Practices for designing eLearning pages

  51. How are courses structured?

  52. How can I change the course structure?

  53. How can I check out a Learning Object checked out (locked) by another user?

  54. How can I delete or remove a course?

  55. How can I preview my mobile course on my smartphone or tablet?

  56. How can I tell if a Learning Object is shared with another course?

  57. How do Actions differ for Practice Questions and Test Questions?

  58. How do I add a Captivate (Flash SWF) file with Player Controls to a page?

  59. How do I add a citation to a glossary term?

  60. How do I add a drag and drop interaction to my content page?

  61. How do I add a Flash Variable ( Flash Vars / FlashVars ) to a SWF file in my course?

  62. How do I add a glossary term?

  63. How do I add a Light Box Action to an element?

  64. How do I add a link or hyperlink to a URL website, email or ftp site?

  65. How do I add a link to a file to a page? How do I add a resource file?

  66. How do I add a new Course Style?

  67. How do I add a new Learning Object to my course?

  68. How do I add a new Module to my course?

  69. How do I add a page from the Template Library to my course?

  70. How do I add a page to my course? How do I make a new page?

  71. How do I add a reference item in Claro?

  72. How do I add a review exercise?

  73. How do I add a Swap Content Action to an element?

  74. How do I add an Action for Player Controls (Course Player navigation buttons: e.g., Forward, Back, Audio, Transcript buttons)?

  75. How do I add an action to an element that when trigger will Show or Hide or Toggle other elements (mouse event interaction)?

  76. How do I add an Action to Animate elements?

  77. How do I add an image to a page? How do I add media such as a Flash movie, video, or audio?

  78. How do I add audio to a page?

  79. How do I add basic content (text, image, Flash, video, audio, chart, shape) to my page?

  80. How do I add citations to my course?

  81. How do I add documents and websites as Resources in my course?

  82. How do I add interactions or interactivity to my page? Add links, actions, timed events, animations, hotspots, and image maps.

  83. How do I add labels to an image?

  84. How do I add metadata to my course?

  85. How do I add narration audio to a page?

  86. How do I add or edit the test pass mark for a module and/or course?

  87. How do I add or invite a new user (author or reviewer) to Claro?

  88. How do I add page notes to my course for other authors or development (or export them from Claro)?

  89. How do I add page transcripts for narration or accessibility to my course?

  90. How do I add reviewer notes to a course?

  91. How do I add Rollover states (new image) to an image?

  92. How do I add, copy, edit or delete an email template?

  93. How do I add, edit and remove Actions within text elements?

  94. How do I add, edit and remove Links within text elements?

  95. How do I add, edit or delete a marker to my page?

  96. How do I add, edit or delete a zoom element?

  97. How do I add, remove and edit screen reader text to an element?

  98. How do I allow the user to print a course page?

  99. How do I apply a Course Style to text?

  100. How do I apply Advanced CSS Styles to media and buttons in Claro?

  101. How do I assign a user (author or reviewer) to a course or courses?

  102. How do I assign or unassign an Author to a User Type?

  103. How do I browse the list of courses?

  104. How do I change a course status from Pending Translation to Active?

  105. How do I change a course status to disabled or offline?

  106. How do I change a course’s Lifecycle stage?

  107. How do I change a media asset on my page? How do I replace an image or other media on my page?

  108. How do I change a user's role?

  109. How do I change the formatting of a bullet or number list? How do I set the style type of a list?

  110. How do I change the order of a Reference (citation) on a page?

  111. How do I check in and check out Learning Objects?

  112. How do I collapse (close) and expand (open) the entire course tree structure, and increase the width of the left panel?

  113. How do I configure a PENS Target to publish my course?

  114. How do I copy (Share / Duplicate) a Learning Object from another course?

  115. How do I copy a chart?

  116. How do I copy a Course Style?

  117. How do I copy a course?

  118. How do I copy a test question and/or practice question?

  119. How do I copy, cut, paste, duplicate, offset paste, edit, or delete elements? How do I paste with actions?

  120. How do I create a chart in Claro?

  121. How do I create a custom template page?

  122. How do I create a new Lifecycle and edit, disable and reorder existing Lifecycles?

  123. How do I create a new standard online or mobile course?

  124. How do I create a poster image for video or Flash files?

  125. How do I create a Team?

  126. How do I create a Template Library?

  127. How do I create a User Type?

  128. How do I create an image with interactive hotspots?

  129. How do I create my own Submit, Try Again, and Next buttons for Questions?

  130. How do I create new course Categories and edit existing Categories?

  131. How do I create new Project classifications and edit existing Projects?

  132. How do I create or add test questions and/or practice questions? What's the difference between test and practice questions?

  133. How do I create or edit a table?

  134. How do I deactivate a user (author or reviewer)?

  135. How do I delete a reference from the Reference Manager?

  136. How do I delete a Team?

  137. How do I delete or disable a Course Style, or enable a Style that has been disabled?

  138. How do I delete or remove a Learning Object?

  139. How do I delete or remove a page?

  140. How do I delete or remove an element from my page?

  141. How do I deliver a course made in Claro to students (Publish course)?

  142. How do I display and change Learning Object properties?

  143. How do I display and change page properties?

  144. How do I display variables in my course?

  145. How do I download a course that has been published?

  146. How do I edit / delete Image Labels?

  147. How do I edit a chart?

  148. How do I edit a course in the Browse Courses window?

  149. How do I edit a page made from a template?

  150. How do I edit a reference?

  151. How do I edit a Team? How do I assign and unassign members?

  152. How do I edit a test or practice question?

  153. How do I edit a theme created in Theme Designer?

  154. How do I edit an existing Course Style?

  155. How do I edit an image added to my page using Image Tools? How do I use the Image Editor?

  156. How do I edit my profile to change my password or notification settings and other details?

  157. How do I edit or change an element on my page?

  158. How do I edit or delete a Template Library?

  159. How do I edit or delete a template page?

  160. How do I edit or remove (delete) a citation?

  161. How do I edit or remove an Action from an element on my page?

  162. How do I edit the properties, title, name or settings of a page?

  163. How do I edit User Types?

  164. How do I edit, delete, or remove Hotspots (Image Map) from an element?

  165. How do I email an attachment to Claro and import it to the Media Library? How do I send media from my mobile smartphone to Claro?

  166. How do I email Team members from the Team Manager?

  167. How do I embed a survey into my course?

  168. How do I embed a video into my course?

  169. How do I enable and disable a User Type?

  170. How do I enable or disable review mode for a course?

  171. How do I export a course for translation?

  172. How do I export and import course text?

  173. How do I extract audio files that are embedded in a PowerPoint (PPT) file in order to add them to my course in Claro?

  174. How do I find and replace text on a page or in my whole course?

  175. How do I find out about what browser version I'm using?

  176. How do I find out what hex color is used in an image?

  177. How do I get audio to play when a Hotspot or Action is triggered?

  178. How do I get more help for working in Claro? Is there help documentation or a user guide?

  179. How do I get started making a course in Claro? A Quick Start guide.

  180. How do I group elements on the Layers panel?

  181. How do I hide all mouse event targets on the stage? Hide Targets feature

  182. How do I hide the audio player? Why is there a black box when I choose Auto Play and Hide Controls for my audio?

  183. How do I identify the Parent course for a Learning Object

  184. How do I import a PowerPoint (PPT) file into Claro to start a course?

  185. How do I import a translated text file?

  186. How do I import Test Questions from Excel?

  187. How do I include a comma as part of a choice in a multiple pulldown question?

  188. How do I include a test in the middle of a course?

  189. How do I insert a Hotspot to add interactions?

  190. How do I insert a page from another course (Copy From Another Course)?

  191. How do I insert a special character (such as a copyright or registration mark or an accented character)?

  192. How do I insert a speech bubble using the Speech Bubbles Browser?

  193. How do I insert a symbol shape using the Symbols Browser?

  194. How do I insert a Text Input box on a page that learners can enter text into?

  195. How do I insert an embedded web page (From URL) onto my course page?

  196. How do I insert clip art using the ClipArt Browser?

  197. How do I insert streaming media such as a video (Media Stream) onto my course page?

  198. How do I insert, edit, update, or delete media in the Media Library?

  199. How do I know what release version of Claro I have?

  200. How do I lock a course from editing?

  201. How do I lock and unlock a Course Style?

  202. How do I lock or unlock all layers on a page? How do I show or hide all layers on a page?

  203. How do I make "hidden" hotspots? How do I hide the pointer hand cursor on a button?

  204. How do I make a new page from a current page (duplicate or copy a page)?

  205. How do I make a page link to another page? How do I make branching interactions?

  206. How do I make an assessment only course?

  207. How do I make an element focusable for keyboard navigation? How do I turn off focus?

  208. How do I make audio play automatically? How do I set an audio clip to Auto Play?

  209. How do I make form fields available as variables?

  210. How do I make my courses available to dominKnow Mobile app users?

  211. How do I manage Glossaries?

  212. How do I pin Claro to my Windows Taskbar and Start menu as a shortcut?

  213. How do I position, size, layer, lock, and set transparency using the tools along the top of the workspace?

  214. How do I preview a page, current page, or a full course?

  215. How do I publish or export a Web package?

  216. How do I publish my course as a printable document?

  217. How do I publish or export a course using LMS Standards (SCORM, AICC, Tin Can API)?

  218. How do I publish or export to SCORM Cloud?

  219. How do I reactivate a user (author or reviewer)?

  220. How do I record activity on my screen or in a running application?

  221. How do I record and insert an audio video stream or a still snapshot from my Webcam onto my Claro page (Page Video or AV Publisher)?

  222. How do I remove (delete) a citation from a glossary term?

  223. How do I replace an image or other media in my course and the Media Library?

  224. How do I replace media used in course pages with new media? How do I update media or an image?

  225. How do I resend an invitation email to a user (author or reviewer)?

  226. How do I reset the dimensions of an element (image, Flash, video) if I've distorted it?

  227. How do I resize an element on the stage?

  228. How do I rotate an Element?

  229. How do I select and deselect multiple elements?

  230. How do I set a custom variable?

  231. How do I set and edit Media Properties (Title, Alt Text, Description, and Tags)?

  232. How do I set default feedback for my test and practice questions?

  233. How do I share and unshare a Team with other users?

  234. How do I style my font or paragraph text? How can I make my font bold, a different color, or remove all formatting?

  235. How do I un-assign or remove a user (author or reviewer) from a course?

  236. How do I unlock a course for editing?

  237. How do I upload an image or other media to my course? Can I upload multiple images or a zip package? Can I email an attachment with a media file to Claro?

  238. How do I upload media from my computer to the Media Library? How do I insert media from the Library into my page?

  239. How do I upload or import a compressed zip file to the Media Library?

  240. How do I use a spell checker in Claro?

  241. How do I use Smart Guides in Claro to place elements precisely?

  242. How do I use the Claro Theme Designer Tool?

  243. How do I use the color picker to color a shape or text?

  244. How do I view (or export) and close or complete Reviewer Notes?

  245. How do I view a glossary term's definition in a course?

  246. How do I view a list of users in Claro?

  247. How do I view a user's Login Activity?

  248. How do I view and manage Workspace layout tools (element borders, hide targets, smart guides, grids, and guides)?

  249. How do I view or change course properties?

  250. How do I view references I have cited in my course?

  251. How do I view the Check In History (My Checkins) report?

  252. How do I work with my team in Claro? (Collaborating in Claro, Team Collaboration)

  253. How do I zoom my browser in or out to see better?

  254. How to Disable and Enable the Menu Button

  255. I can't edit text in my course that I imported from a PowerPoint file (text was part of a grouped element).

  256. I cannot scroll Reviewer Notes feedback in the native Android browser.

  257. I don't see my language listed, is there support for other languages in Claro courses?

  258. I lost my translation file, can I download another?

  259. I passed the test, so why is my completion status for the course still marked as Incomplete?

  260. Insert or add a pre-built button to a page (and edit it)

  261. Internet Explorer: IE8, IE9, IE10, and IE11 Compatibility mode: Can't log into Claro with IE8, IE9, IE10 or IE11

  262. Is all interactivity in PowerPoint (PPT) slides supported when imported into Claro?

  263. Is Claro's output SCORM-conformant?

  264. Is it possible to add links or actions within the pages so the course doesn't have to be completely linear?

  265. Is there a limit to the number of slides a PowerPoint (PPT) file can have when importing into Claro?

  266. Known Issues of Unsupported Functionality (Incompatibilities on mobile device and browser) (mobile, ie6,ie7,ie8,ie9)

  267. Leveraging HTML5 to take your e-learning (and m-learning) into the future

  268. Links to resources for web designers

  269. LMS playing content in IE6, IE7 or IE8 (Internet Explorer) non standard mode

  270. Maintenance Release Notes

  271. Media event actions and interaction (sync or time events to audio and video)

  272. Media playback (play, pause, toggle, replay) element interactions on button action triggers

  273. Mobile course design Best Practices

  274. Multiple Choice or Multiple Select Questions

  275. Multiple Pulldowns Questions

  276. My Course is Complete in my LMS even though the test was failed - SCORM 2004

  277. My MP4 video plays sound but the video is black (no picture) on my Android

  278. My screen has a maximum 1024x768 resolution. How can I configure my browser for best viewing?

  279. Optimal image file size

  280. Page, Jump, and Endscreen Transitions for a course (and Default Effect)

  281. PC and Mac operating system (OS) and browser differences related to font display and shape rendering

  282. People Browser or How do I insert a character or person image?

  283. PowerPoint (PPT) file import tips (How to prepare your file in advance for best results)

  284. PowerPoint (PPT) import overview

  285. PowerPoint Master Slide and Page Backgrounds

  286. Proxy Settings and Local Area Network (LAN) Settings

  287. Publishing Profile: What are the options I can choose when publishing or exporting a course?

  288. Responsive Mobile Course Samples

  289. Reviewer steps to join Claro and review a course (Reviewing a course in Claro guide)

  290. Setting up a PowerPoint file for import into Claro for smartphone delivery

  291. Short Answer Questions

  292. SSO (Single Sign On) is available for Enterprise clients

  293. Stock Image Asset Browsers: People, Bubbles, Symbols, and Clipart

  294. Submit or Share an idea (Feedback) for Claro

  295. Supported Languages and Codes for Translation Export

  296. Test question features and changing settings (Random, All, Shuffle, Off)

  297. Test question weighting and scores: How are test questions scored and weighted?

  298. The images from my imported PowerPoint (PPT) don't appear in the Media Library.

  299. The iPhone address bar is hidden by default on a mobile course

  300. The Media Browser

  301. The Media Library

  302. To Use Custom Import Settings for PowerPoint (PPT) file imports

  303. Training Guide and materials

  304. Trouble-shooting PowerPoint (PPT) file import issues

  305. True or False Questions

  306. Undo and Redo with history functionality

  307. Updating your iOS (iPad/iPhone)

  308. Upload video and audio file types

  309. Video delivery in Claro: What is progressive download and streaming video?

  310. Video encoding, conversion, and editing tools (video converters and editors)

  311. Video size (width and height) when exporting in order to import into Claro

  312. Video Tutorials on YouTube

  313. Warning message displays if user tries to exit test before completion (not in iOS and Blackberry)

  314. What are choice feedback settings?

  315. What are endscreens? What is a module, test, and course endscreen?

  316. What are review exercises or practice questions?

  317. What are some examples and advantages of Sharing Learning Objects?

  318. What are some of the Variables available?

  319. What are Templates?

  320. What are the Animate Effects I can apply to element interactions or page actions?

  321. What are the Audio Settings I can use in the audio context-specific tab to control or change an audio clip?

  322. What are the differences between viewing a course in Claro on a tablet and on a desktop browser?

  323. What are the different copy options available in Claro? (for Pages, Learning Objects, and Courses)

  324. What are the different types of charts I can make and when should I use each type?

  325. What are the dynamic text options for use in email templates?

  326. What are the Flash Settings I can use in the Flash context-specific tab to control or change a Flash movie (swf file)?

  327. What are the image borders and effects I can add using the Design tab? (Thin, Thick, Picture, Bevel, Shadow, Mirror, Rounded)

  328. What are the Image Tools I can use in the image context-specific tab to change or modify an image?

  329. What are the media file types (or formats) accepted by Claro?

  330. What are the Playback options for audio and video control?

  331. What are the Shape Settings and tools I can use in the shape context-tab to change or modify a shape?

  332. What are the shortcut keys I can use in Claro? What key (keyboard) combinations can I use to control actions?

  333. What are the shortcut keys learners can use to navigate a course without a mouse?

  334. What are the standard email messages sent by Claro?

  335. What are the Tweet and Like buttons on the bottom bar?

  336. What are the user roles and access options in Claro?

  337. What are the Video Settings I can use in the video context-specific tab to control or change a video?

  338. What bookmarking functionality does Claro have? Does a course resume at the last completed location?

  339. What can I do with a course published as a Web package rather than SCORM?

  340. What data does the course player search against during a course search?

  341. What do all these tools and terms in Claro mean? (Claro Authoring Terminology Guide)

  342. What do the tags that show in my export for translation/exported text mean?

  343. What does the smartphone navigation bar and course player look like?

  344. What font faces are supported by Claro?

  345. What if I forgot my password to Claro? How can I reset my password?

  346. What if we don't have an LMS? Where can my completed course go?

  347. What is a Learning Object?

  348. What is a learning objective?

  349. What is the difference between Question feedback and Choice feedback?

  350. What is the maximum recording time for audio narration on a page?

  351. What is the minimum browser requirement for an administrator/author in Claro?

  352. What is the output format from Claro? HTML5 or Flash?

  353. What languages are supported by the Claro course player / published courses.

  354. What question types does Claro offer? What kinds of test questions are available?

  355. What to do when your PowerPoint (PPT) import fails.

  356. What video codecs are supported in Claro? What video compression format should I use?

  357. What video formats does Claro support?

  358. When does SCORM communicate course data to the LMS?

  359. When is Flash used in Claro courses? What is the Audio Video Media Player?

  360. Where is the Help manual or documentation? How do I get or call support?

  361. Where's the Save button in Claro?

  362. Which mobile operating systems or devices can Claro courses display on?

  363. Why aren't certain modules or learning objects showing up in Course Preview or Published packages?

  364. Why can't I layer an element over my embedded video?

  365. Why can't I open two courses at the same time? I want to use one course as a reference while I author the other.

  366. Why can't my reviewer see my course?

  367. Why do Claro courses not play on my Desktop?

  368. Why do courses send out SCORM requests when idle?

  369. Why do I see a message asking me if I want to "Prevent this page from creating additional dialogs"?

  370. Why do I see a “Script Not Responding” error message sometimes when I sign out of Claro?

  371. Why does my course have vertical scroll-bars (scrolling) on the right side of the window?

  372. Why does my embedded web object (From URL) not work correctly on iOS devices (iPad, iPhone)? My inserted webpage overflows off the screen.

  373. Why does my Flash (.swf or SWF) media asset not play?

  374. Why does text not show up on my iPhone (iOS v.4.3.5) device when a movie is present on the page?

  375. Why doesn't my onMouseOver event action work when I look at my course on a mobile? Use onClick events for mobile interactions.

  376. Why doesn't my screen capture tool work when I'm using Internet Explorer? How do I add a Trusted Site to IE 8?

  377. Why don't I see all my test questions when I view my course? I can't see test questions in my published course.

  378. Why should I clear my browser cache? I updated a page but can't see the changes.

  379. Why won't my mobile device audio or video play automatically even when I set to Autoplay?

  380. Will changes I make to an image in the Image Editor affect other places the image is used?

  381. Will getting through my company's firewall be a problem?

  382. Writing effective test questions (Best Practices)

  383. Writing in plain language

  384. Zoom Settings on a Browser

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