Interactivity and Animation

  1. How do I add interactions or interactivity to my page? Add links, actions, timed events, animations, hotspots, and image maps.

  2. How do I insert a Hotspot to add interactions?

  3. How do I add an action to an element that when trigger will Show or Hide or Toggle other elements (mouse event interaction)?

  4. Insert or add a pre-built button to a page (and edit it)

  5. How do I add an Action to Animate elements?

  6. How do I add a Swap Content Action to an element?

  7. How do I add a Light Box Action to an element?

  8. How do I insert a Text Input box on a page that learners can enter text into?

  9. How do I add an Action for Player Controls (Course Player navigation buttons: e.g., Forward, Back, Audio, Transcript buttons)?

  10. Media event actions and interaction (sync or time events to audio and video)

  11. What are the Animate Effects I can apply to element interactions or page actions?

  12. Adding a Link to URL using a modal target does not work for some sites (produces empty box)

  13. How do I add a link or hyperlink to a URL website, email or ftp site?

  14. How do I add a drag and drop interaction to my content page?

  15. How do I create an image with interactive hotspots?

  16. How do I allow the user to print a course page?

  17. How do I edit or remove an Action from an element on my page?

  18. How do I edit, delete, or remove Hotspots (Image Map) from an element?

  19. How do I get audio to play when a Hotspot or Action is triggered?

  20. How do I hide all mouse event targets on the stage? Hide Targets feature

  21. How do I make "hidden" hotspots? How do I hide the pointer hand cursor on a button?

  22. How do I make a page link to another page? How do I make branching interactions?

  23. Page, Jump, and Endscreen Transitions for a course (and Default Effect)

  24. Add an Entrance Effect to elements on a page

  25. How to Disable and Enable the Menu Button

  26. How do I add, edit and remove Actions within text elements?

  27. How do I add, edit and remove Links within text elements?

  28. Can learners search a course for specific content?

  29. What data does the course player search against during a course search?

  30. How do I display variables in my course?

  31. How do I make form fields available as variables?

  32. How do I set a custom variable?

  33. What are some of the Variables available?

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